What is business intelligence?

Business intelligence is a term created in the 19th century. It was created by a banker. It is the ability to using data in a specialized way in order to achieve a concrete goal by a person. It was used for the first time in 1860.

It uses one or two things in order to obtain a very specific goal by a bank or a company. Decision makers have to concentrate on them in order to obtain profits. Systems must be based on concrete data. Business intelligence software and business intelligence system is really useful for each person. Data are taken from a data warehouse or from a data mart.

Analytics have a lot of work connected with data processing and obtaining as much profit as they are able to have. System measure results and effects of all activities. They embrace collaboration platforms and need all the topics in order to take care of them in the best possible way.

Who knows how they can use them – there is needed knowledge, digitalization and a lot of things to implement all day long. It works as well as possible in order to achieve a lot of good topics for each person. People must concentrate on them and put a lot of trust in systems, digitalization and possibilities of computers.

All companies use the vast majority of systems and all services that are available. All of them are useful and shall be given to all the people. Summing up, digital services, interconnect billing, fault management – they are perfect.

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